At RE/MAX Auctions we have a team of fully trained and able professionals to provide you with all required assistance, whether you intend to  buy or sell a property at auction. Either way, you can reap benefits from the experience and to facilitate the process we are outlining key aspects of all services provided.



 As a buyer you will have a choice of expertly selected properties at your fingertips.  Each auction will offer an average of 30 properties. Apart from viewing the initial and voluminous descriptive photography, you will get a good indication of guide price, key features and size of property from these lists.

 Once you decide to view, you will be assisted by one of our Auction Team's Associates who will meet and discuss your requirements to better address them, also considering your available budget and financing options. This will happen whether you decide to make an offer pre-auction or wait until the auction proper.

 Come auction day, the auction will be run by a professional fully licensed auctioneer.  All properties presented at auction day will have had preliminary searches completed to qualify for the event, so if you make a successful bid for the property,  the promise of sale can be seamlessly concluded on the same day.

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 If you are selling your property via RE/MAX Auctions, your first point of contact will be the RE/MAX Auctions Team, or your preferred RE/MAX Sales Associate. Your property  will be viewed, price discussed and benefits of selling via auction will be explained to you - namely selling in a limited time-frame and at the best price in today’s market.

If your property is to go on auction,  all the ground work and required paperwork is prepared prior to marketing the property, to ensure a seamless sale process all the way.

You will be assisted   in the listing of the property, in the inspection of  documentation, and in properly pricing, so that a good  reserve price can be set for auction. A reserve price is a price below which your property will not sell. You may receive a buyer's offer pre-auction, which you might decide to consider and accept.

Once you  register your property in a forthcoming RE/MAX  Auction. RE/MAX Auctions will assign a Notary Public to finalise basic notarial researches prior to the auction. This will allow  a promise of sale to be signed immediately after bidding ends, on auction day.

Your property will be pampered and staged to facilitate professional photography for marketing purposes. A thorough marketing plan will be drawn up to effectively attract the ideal audience for your property via newspaper adverts, leaflets and brochure, social media,  digital marketing and related literature across the wide RE/MAX Office and Sales Associate network.

Viewings for Sales Associates will be followed by eventual client viewings which will be the necessary step towards interested prospective buyers bidding on auction day.


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